Are you a Success?

Taking those first steps to walk how many time you fell? More than you can remember but after so many bumps and bruises. You began to walk balancing, walking faster, next thing you know. You’re running until you fall. Did that stop you from continuing?

Many individuals measure success relative to business or job. They forget their life is a success, but fail to recognize or realize it. What I’m trying to say?

Then schools years confronted you with many hurdles, but you still move forward, graduated high school, college, with so many inherited skills. Learn to communicate, make decisions, how to treat others, and many more.

Now you’re trying to start a business and not know where to start. So pounding your head, pacing up and down, worrying about the resources, and where do you start.

My advice, ” Go find a mirror.” That reflection is a reflection of success. A life journey made you triumphant, but you forgot about the steps. Look hard at that reflection; success surrounds you each day of your life.

Remember what it took to get you where you are now. So learn from your past successes to start that business. Life is about achieving that mirror tells the story. Use the traits of life that circle your success.

Healthy Travels

How hard you work each year? Very hard, right, to the point that it becomes a mental and physical repetitive challenge. Waiting for the weekend isn’t so enlightening- laundry, grass cutting, snow shoveling-even during the week-it goes so fast. Next thing you know,

“Back to work.”

Returning to the stress, frustration, anxiety, and depression. That’s not a mental reboot, its an impact affecting your comfort zone and family. 

Now it’s the time to take either an extended vacation or getaway. Relax peacefully away from the job’s mayhem. Enjoy the sights of your desire, the customs of other states and countries.

Moonlight romance of Europe, U.S.A, Caribbean setting with a glass of wine, sounds of water waves into the night. Yes, Love is in the air. Or an ocean liner quietly heading toward the sun set or sun rise breathing the ocean air.

Fully relaxing, disconnected with no worries of what going to happen next. More relaxation with your partner, love one, or friends.

Refreshing your mind, open to cultural foods, local customs, learning of other, if that’s too much. Then getaway for the long weekends; Let’s go to Daytona Beach, Disney, Cottage in Upstate New York, Washington D.C, or Boston.

You return with a fresh mind with much conversation from your peers, neighbors, and co-worker. Maybe others may wish to join in your journey of a

Healthy Traveler!

Together as One.

“A picture is worth 1000 words”. That’s a trendy and recognizable phrase known to many years. The picture portrayed here symbolizes that phrase; however, it should read.

A strategical handshake is worth 1000 successes.— a strategical alliance of two companies to complement product or services, combine resources, finances to succeed in a mutually profitable project.

One idea involves many to create a product or service. Let’s look around us and observed the achievements of many that we benefit from our history.

Supersonic military jets, commercial airplanes, 200 miles trains, and let’s not forget 50 years ago we landed on the moon. One idea created the benefits we live with today.

All these inventions came at a cost: financing. Working strategically, they accomplish their final product or service to generate a profit.

What is the common denominator in their success of all these inventors and innovators?

  • Arrangement between two companies
  • Mutual benefit
  • Effective process
  • Working toward a common goal

A handshake of unity surrounds success, value, and profitability.

Thank you for time in reading this blog.