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How hard you work each year? Very hard, right, to the point that it becomes a mental and physical repetitive challenge. Waiting for the weekend isn’t so enlightening- laundry, grass cutting, snow shoveling-even during the week-it goes so fast. Next thing you know,

“Back to work.”

Returning to the stress, frustration, anxiety, and depression. That’s not a mental reboot, its an impact affecting your comfort zone and family. 

Now it’s the time to take either an extended vacation or getaway. Relax peacefully away from the job’s mayhem. Enjoy the sights of your desire, the customs of other states and countries.

Moonlight romance of Europe, U.S.A, Caribbean setting with a glass of wine, sounds of water waves into the night. Yes, Love is in the air. Or an ocean liner quietly heading toward the sun set or sun rise breathing the ocean air.

Fully relaxing, disconnected with no worries of what going to happen next. More relaxation with your partner, love one, or friends.

Refreshing your mind, open to cultural foods, local customs, learning of other, if that’s too much. Then getaway for the long weekends; Let’s go to Daytona Beach, Disney, Cottage in Upstate New York, Washington D.C, or Boston.

You return with a fresh mind with much conversation from your peers, neighbors, and co-worker. Maybe others may wish to join in your journey of a

Healthy Traveler!

Published by Strategic Alliance Group

As a disabled veteran, I intend to implement my military and civilian experiences in a B2B environment. Businesses use identical components of a military background: Leadership, Motivation, Tactics and Strategic development to accomplish success. I am knowledgeable in Microsoft application, Linux, Cybersecurity, Windows work station monitor in a business function. Employed by WAMU as a consultant taught me many facets of finance, business and customer service, My interests are creating strategic business alliance by introducing products and services, to a multitude of small business and corporations. Business-to-business strategic partnerships lead to growth while creating jobs. Conduct research to learn a company's history, products, and services while achieving their strategic goals.

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